Good Time For Reflection

Now that the state that was making it difficult for you to function is completely gone you can look back and reflect on what you learned. You can either journal this or just mentally go through some questions or prompts. The point is to make space to process what just happened so you can identify where you can make better choices. Choices that will lead to better functionality the next time the state comes back. 

Being responsible for our behaviors is the foundation of all spiritual paths. It is also what makes society work. How we behave is critical to our success in the world. Too many people wonder why life is not working for them and think it is the fault of others. When we focus on improving our own behaviors, our relationships, careers, and all the other aspects, our lives work better. We cannot improve our behaviors until we know what they are.  

Given the past series of events which behaviors can you identify that were IN Order? Which ones were Dis-Ordered? and Which ones were Out-of-Control?

An important part of this process is to recognize the causes of the behaviors. Try to separate the ones caused by external things from those generated internally. 

Given the past series of events which behaviors can you identify that were IN Order and generated from your Core Values ? Which ones were Dis-Ordered generated by willingly going against your Core Values? and Which ones were Out-of-Control behaviors caused by going against your core values and feeling like you had no choice but to behave in the way you did?

Now that you have gained these insights let us plan for better choices. What can you do next time differently that will help you handle such challenging state better? Will you lower the intensity of the state sooner? Will you walk away from a triggering situation and come back to it when you are better equipped to handle it? Will you consult experts that will help you assess the situation and make sound decisions? How will you carry yourself and how will you treat those involved?