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Welcome! Please use the chart below the Check-In form as a reference to figure out the appropriate input values and descriptions for each category or state.

What Percent Depressed Are You Now?

What Percent Manic Are You Now?

How Is Your Environment?

What Is Your Comfort Zone?

How Is Your Behavior?

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  • Depression

  • Mania

  • Environment

  • Comfort

  • Behavior

Percent Depressed Scale

80- exhausting, run over by truck, extreme sadness, thought and visions of suicide, obsessive thoughts, hyper-focused, spiritual despair, feel trapped, can't escape, coming apart, sleeping 12 hrs day, crying a lot, don't want to be living

60 - physical pain, no more empathy for others, have to work to find meaning, very run down, overwhelmed, sadness, cannot remember any good times, thoughts beginning to obsess, turning toward negative view of everything, spiritual emptiness, life loses meaning, cannot make decisions, distraught

40 - increasing sense that something bad is going to happen, difficulty following routine or schedule, watch more TV/read news, fear, heading into a pit, melancholy, lethargic, general body aches & pains, sadness, obsessive thinking/ruminating, mind slowing down, perceptions numb, unmotivated, tired, uninterested, extremely bored, fight headaches, negative, need sleep, more emotional, cry a lot, need to express creatively

20 - slight loss of energy, a little slower, more focused, starting to focus on detail, uncomfortable, inward, interiorized thoughts, watch more TV