Tool Settings

Here you get to set up and manage all of the tools available for you to use for lowering the intensity of your states when necessary. You will get to pick many "liked tools" from a master list. Then, from those liked tools you will choose specific custom tools for each state and also for each level of intervention. You can set up tools for up to 12 categories. See the illustrated chart below to better understand the concept. Use the form below the chart to change the settings of your custom tools.




Mixed States

Rapid Cycling

Simple Tools

3-5 Simple Tools for Depression

3-5 Simple Tools for Mania

3-5 Simple Tools for Mixed States

3-5 Simple Tools for Rapid Cycling

Stronger Tools

1-3 Stronger Tools for Depression

1-3 Stronger Tools for Mania

1-3 Stronger Tools for Mixed States

1-3 Stronger Tools for Rapid Cycling

Extreme Tools

1-2 Extreme Tools for Depression

1-2 Extreme Tools for Mania

1-2 Extreme Tools for Mixed States

1-2 Extreme Tools for Rapid Cycling

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Tool Strength: