September 24

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The goal of our One On One coaching sessions are to help you succeed. It takes the course to a whole new level. Pacing the course to your schedule and having in-depth coaching on specific concepts is what you can expect. Your One On One Coach can provide the greatest understanding of how the information applies directly to your circumstances. Together, you will create a vision for where you want to be in relationship to your condition. And specific plans to help you get there. You will learn strategies and functionality skills along the way that will help you turn your condition to an advantage for yourself and those around you.


Meetings are scheduled at your convenience. We meet via Skype, WebEx, phone, or any technology that provides live meetings. Each meeting lasts a full hour with plenty of time for you to ask questions. The goal is to tailor the program to your specific needs. Your family is welcome to participate with you in some of the sessions only with your approval.

Tom Wootton conducts One On One coaching sessions on an individual basis with a limited number of clients. Purchasing One On One coaching sessions are an opportunity to work directly with the creator of the Bipolar Advantage courses.

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