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Learn to be able to achieve the best possible outcomes… even if everyone tells you it is not possible!

Scholarships deadline is on
October 31, 2019


Losing the ability to function is what destroys so many lives.

For so many of us,  being diagnosed with bipolar is like a death sentence. We are told we have to  give up all of our dreams and settle for a life of disability and limitations. Everyone says we cannot function during episodes and each new one would ruin everything we had accomplished before the nightmare started.

By the time we were diagnosed, bipolar disorder had already taken away our jobs, our relationships, our self-image, and now it was going to destroy everything. We tried to follow the advice of the "experts" and no matter what we tried the episodes kept coming back.

This is all so devastating that 10% of us kill ourselves in a desperate attempt to escape the nightmare. By then we have tried everything and nothing has permanently taken away the episodes and they just keep coming back again and again to rob of us the last shreds of a life worth living.

But it doesn't have to be that way…

A Proven Path To A Better Life

Bipolar IN Order is an online education program that our research has found to create the best outcomes. By teaching people how to restore functionality during episodes, they are able to pursue their dreams again and get back to creating a life worth living. The eight-step process covers exactly what you need to address and does not ask you to give up anything that is already working.

Full and partial scholarships are available now!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Scholarships give you full access to the eight week online course and the support you need to put the concepts into practice. Once you enroll, you will be given options for how you would like to participate. It is a very simple process and you will be able to join the program within a few minutes. Each step will take a week to complete, but you will only need to spend a few minutes per day to develop your own personalized plan. it will take time to work your plan, but most people say their lives are already better at the end of eight weeks.

Measurable Progress

You know it is working because you can see the difference in clear and measurable ways.

Better Relationships

When you function better your relationships work for you instead of needing to constantly fix conflicts.

Overwhelmed No More

When states happen, and they will, you are no longer overwhelmed and unable to function. Really.

Better Functionality in all States

It is hard to believe, but you will meet many people in the course who have learned to function in all states.

What Professionals Say About Our Courses

Maureen Duffy, Ph.D.

Barry University is possible to live richly.

Tom is doing something no one else is really doing. He is turning a serious mental illness on its head and suggesting that by accepting rather than fighting the disorder, people with bipolar can identify and access their strengths and lead lives that are not only satisfying but productive beyond their wildest imaginings... Tom is ahead of the pack. He is staking out new territory and leading the way in showing people with brain-based disorders like bipolar that it is possible to live richly.

Stephen P. Henshaw, PhD

UC Berkeley

...this important work is integrative and wise.

Bipolar In Order provides the essential message that symptom reduction or elimination is far from the main goal of adaptation and intervention. Sure to challenge traditional thinking, this important work is integrative and wise.

Craig Malkin, PhD

Harvard Medical School

I can't think of a more important ingredient...

Tom's message-and approach-is a welcome antidote to many, popular ideas about mental illness. He integrates sound, evidence-based tools (such as self-awareness, self-care, and medication) with an especially humane perspective. Too often, in having to accept their condition, people end up feeling pathologized - reduced from a full person to a label. But Tom looks beyond the diagnosis to help people embrace - and accept - the best parts of who they are, instead of reflexively dismissing their feelings and experiences as a simple manifestation of illness. I can't think of a more important ingredient to living with bipolar disorder or any mental health difficulty.

Here is a quick overview of the course


Module 1: The Bipolar IN Order Formula For Success

What You Will Learn
--To identify the intensity of your states accurately
--To increase the awareness of all essential aspects of your state
--To measure how long you can experience a state for before needing to turn it down
--To measure the thoroughness of your functionality skills


Module 2: Introspection

What You Will Learn
--To monitor your states and behaviors without becoming obsessed over them
--Strategies for recognizing your states and your reactions to them.
--The essential elements for practicing a healthy and productive introspection practice.


Module 3: Finding Your Most Productive Zone

What You Will Learn
--To develop a high level of awareness for three zones of intensity.
--To identify in which of the three intensity zones you are at in any given moment.
--To take advantage of your most productive zone and use it to accelerate --functionality and productivity
--About the different aspects that make up your various mood states: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and career/financial elements


Module 4: Tools To Lower The Intensity of Your States

What You Will Learn
--To develop a system with a full arsenal of tools before the need to use them is upon us.
--Strategies for making sure that the chosen tools are reliable.
--Strategies and techniques for what to do when the planned tools fail us.
--To use racing thoughts to your advantage by directing them to a brainstorming session.


Module 5: IN Order vs Dis-Order

What You Will Learn
--The difference between behaving IN Order vs in Dis-Order.
--To create a behavioral inventory in order to identify your behaviors.
--To recognize your behaviors so you can begin to change the ones that are not working for you.
--To respond instead of react to your states regardless of how intense they are.


Module 6: Accounting For Time

Results You Will Accomplish:
-- a personal well designed plan that transforms how you react to mania and depression.
-- a deeper understanding of which tools to use and when to use them
-- the ability to function better next time states return.
-- a deep understanding of the influence of time on your ability to function.
-- a clear measure of how long different tools take to lower the intensity of each state.
-- confidence that you don’t have to panic and get rid of the state right away.


Module 7: Turning Your State To Your Advantage

What You Will Learn
--Strategies for looking for advantages in your states.
--To find value and explore the meaning of your condition


Module 8: Tracking Your Progress

What You Will Learn
--To measure for success
--Effective and reliable methods for tracking your progress
--How to fill out the functionality assessments
--How to plot a functionality graph for both mania and depression


And That's Not All!

Bonus 1
Live online meetings

This is everyone's favorite part. We meet each week with a small group of people to discuss the week's topic and to help each other take it from concept to reality.

The meetings are all online and attended by people from all over the world. It is your choice to talk or just listen, but there is also a chat where you can ask questions or share your thoughts without needing to talk.

Bonus 2
Discussion Forums

Tell them all about this other great thing that they also get. Maybe it’s access to a members-only facebook group or online forum. If so, tell them about it here!

Tell them why this bonus feature of your course is going to help them achieve even more than what you’ve already outlined in the modules above. 1-on-1 coaching calls, downloadable workbooks, cheat sheets… whatever it is, mention it in this section.

Bonus 3
Supplemental Courses

There are 14 additional courses included that supplement the main course with practical and important topics. You can access them any time 24 hours a day.

Courses include: What To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed, How To Direct The Energy In Mania And Depression, Alternative Treatment Options, Meditation, Building Your Team, Creating Relationships That Work, And many more.

About The Course Teacher,
Tom Wootton

Tom Wootton is a passionate agent of change. He is pioneering concepts and challenging our thinking about mental health more than anyone else in the field today. Tom designed and delivered the first Bipolar IN Order workshop in 2003 and after many revisions it remains his signature program. It is now a worldwide on-line program that offers multi-media learning and live internet group sessions.

Since 2003, Tom has been pushing the boundaries of what bipolar people are capable of and he has helped improve the lives of patients, families and colleagues alike. He has authored three books: Bipolar in Order in 2010, The Depression Advantage in 2007, and The Bipolar Advantage in 2005. He continues to produce lectures, seminars, and workshops nationwide and his articles are published on WebMD, Psychology Today, PsychCentral, and Huffington Post.

Don’t wait! Here's what past students have to say about Bipolar IN Order

Michelle Reed


Bipolar IN Order has given me my life back.

In 30 years, I thought I had tried everything to combat bipolar depression. Bipolar IN Order taught me not to fear my episodes of depression and mania, but to function well within them. Bipolar IN Order has given me my life back. I no longer fear my episodes, and these episodes no longer destroy my life.

Maritere Berrios Pizarro


Bipolar In Order has changed my life for the better

Bipolar IN Order transcends the paradigm of bipolar disorder treatment: the focus shifts from eliminating it, to accepting and increasing functionality while going through it. Bipolar In Order has changed my life for the better- after years of failure. I think it is a great resource for anyone interested.

Jeanette Chiapperino


Realizing I had a choice in how to respond instead of just reacting was pivotal.

I was desperate for help and Bipolar IN Order delivered. I learned how to identify my feelings, the changes in my thinking during mood swings and my initial reactions to them. Realizing I had a choice in how to respond instead of just reacting was pivotal. This tool, combined with others, has morphed into a great practice for self examination in the IN Order stages. It is one of the components that taught me discipline and self-control throughout my journey to Bipolar IN Order. What I've learned will serve me well for the rest of my life. Life is finally good.

Thanks To The Generosity Of Our Donors

The course at Bipolar Advantage costs $29.95 a month, so the three month scholarship covers the $89.95 it costs to take the program for three months. Scholarships also help with long term support for those who stay involved after the course is completed.

We would not be able to help as many people were it not for the generosity of Bipolar Advantage giving a substantial discount and the donors who support the rest of the costs. If you would like to help, every $20 donated helps another person who could not otherwise afford it.

If you would like to sponsor one or more students, please visit our donations page. We are an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a focus on mental health outcomes research. 100% of all financial resources entrusted to the organization go into the development and logistics associated with research studies that shine light on treatment outcomes for Bipolar and Depression.

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Scholarships deadline is on
October 31, 2019


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Thank You

Thank you for giving me a chance to help you get the best outcomes I know how to create. Helping people has been the most important part of my life and I very much look forward to working with you. These scholarships have allowed me to help over 100,000 people so far and it is great that we can continue to offer them to those who need them.

Tom Wootton