Your Logistics Suggestions

Your Logistics Suggestions

The box outlined with a drop-shadow below is the logistics part of the Foundation/Baseline Study. It is only a test form and we do not collect the data from it. We shared it with you as a live form so you can see how it works and what the questions are. We would love to hear what you think of the questions and whether they might scare some people away.

Where to put this part is likely important too. In our test of 4500 people we used it at the end since it does not force people to give contact info. Some studies will throw out all of the ones where they cannot contact people to confirm, but that does not mean the input is worthless. Other  studies might not care and see the anonymity of it as valuable.

If we put it at the beginning people and force people to fill it out it can detract people who might lie on the form from doing so. Putting it at the end might get more people submitting it. The cost per person for those who filled out the test study was $1.00. That is the cost of advertising divided by how many people actually filled it out. Length of the study, how difficult the answers are, how invasive people think the questions are, and other factors play a huge role in participation rates. If we change things toward less participation the costs can increase to double or more. 

 Asking personal info like name and email address is the biggest factor in raising the per-person cost. The tradeoff, we assume, is accuracy; people who do not give their name are more likely to lie since they will not be held accountable.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the above topics, layout, wording, spelling, or any other ideas you can contribute. Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

Thank You For Your Help

Thank you for your participation in this important study. We hope that the results will help everyone facing mood disorders to know what to aim for and what has worked for the most people. If you would like to be notified of the results of the study, please give your name and email below.

Your Privacy Is Important

Your contact information will not be shared with anyone and will not be included in any way in the study results.