Your Problem Suggestions

Your Problem Suggestions

The following is the section of the survey that seeks to understand what problems people are facing. We want to gather enough information for the researchers but make it simple enough for people to easily complete the survey. We also want the questions to feel relevant for everyone, including those who are against psychiatry or are otherwise ambivalent about the labels associated with our conditions.

Another major consideration is we want to help people see that the label (or even the specific symptoms that lead to a label) is not the problem. The real problems people need to solve is how they function in the world and their level of contentment with their lives. The survey needs to capture that and we need to prompt people with suggestions so they can easily just check them off instead of having to come up with them on their own.

Please chose 'Other" when clicking through the survey so you can see that it causes a new text box where people can put their own words in.

Please use the comments section at the bottom of the page for your feedback. Any feedback is welcome including, but not limited to, better wording, new topics and questions, more or less choices, etc.

Section 1: Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Problems

This part of the study focuses on identifying the participants' mental conditions and the problems attached to them.


The label we use as a shortcut to describe our conduit to others.
Please choose what you prefer to call your condition.
How did you come to associate with the diagnosis?
When were you first made aware of the condition? (best guess) Exact date not that important.


These are the actual symptoms that are causing a problem for you.

The Problems

These are the actual problems that are in need of fixing.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. We really need your input to make it better for everyone.