Your Results Suggestions

Your Results Suggestions

The following is the section of the survey that seeks to understand what results people are getting. We want to gather enough information for the researchers but make it simple enough for people to easily complete the survey. We also want the questions to feel relevant for everyone, including those who are against psychiatry or are otherwise ambivalent about the labels associated with our conditions.

Please chose 'Other" when clicking through the survey so you can see that it causes a new text box where people can put their own words in.

Please use the comments section at the bottom of the page for your feedback. Any feedback is welcome including, but not limited to, better wording, new topics and questions, more or less choices, etc.

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Section 3: Results

This part of the study focuses on the results from using the solutions identified in Step 2.
This needs to move to the top of all questions once we build the whole study into one form. Then we can skip the mania things for those who are only depressed.

Specific Results

This section asks if you have achieved some of the specific results that other people have mentioned. It also includes the chance to share your specific results that are not included on the list. If we get enough of them we will add them to the list for future participants.

How Do You Feel About The Results?

This section is for finding out how people feel about the results they have gotten.

Please Note:

You are not required to fill in the blanks on questions that ask for a text answer, but all other questions must have a choice to be able to move to the next page. If you click the next button and see the same page again it is because one or more items were not answered.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. We really need your input to make it better for everyone.