About Us

BDORI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a focus on mental health outcomes research. 100% of all financial resources entrusted to the organization go into the development and logistics associated with research studies that shine light on treatment outcomes for Bipolar and Depression.  Our staff and board members live with Bipolar or Depression.

Our Mission

BDORI researches and advocates for better outcomes in treating bipolar and depression. We also provide financial help for those who cannot afford services.

Our Vision

People who get diagnosed with bipolar or depression have a clear path to seeing the condition as a gift for which they need to take responsibility. Changing the conversation in the bipolar and depression community from the failed remission-based approach to one that looks for the best outcomes possible.

Who We Are

We are people who either face depression or bipolar directly or who love and support those who do.. We are peer composed and peer directed.. We are unique in the peer-only composition of our leadership. 

Board of Governors

Tom Wootton

Executive Director

Tom has been involved for 16 years...

Tom Flaherty


Tom has been involved for 16 years...

Sheyla Stevens


Sheyla has been involved for 16 years...

Declan Devereau


Declan has been involved for 16 years...