BDORI is dedicated to studies that serve the Bipolar and Depression communities. All aspects of the studies are directed by those of us who have direct experience either in themselves or those who love and support us. We start out each study design by asking people what their issues are, what tools they use, what they want to accomplish, and how to measure their results. We feel strongly that the outcomes we study can be most relevant only by having us direct all aspects of the study.

We need your help to accomplish our goals and encourage you to participate as much as you can. You can easily participate in our existing studies, help us make decisions about what to study next, join our all-volunteer team, or help us study more people by donating to the cause or getting the word out about our studies. Please visit our Engagement page to get started.

BDORI is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a focus on mental health outcomes research. 100% of all financial resources entrusted to the organization go into the development and logistics associated with research studies that shine light on treatment outcomes for Bipolar and Depression.  All volunteer members of our staff either live with a mental condition or are direct family members of someone who lives with Bipolar or Depression.

Shining light on treatment outcomes for Bipolar and Depression.

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