Research & Results

 Current Research Projects

Foundation/Baseline Study

Our foundational study helps us find the baseline for where our participants are at when they begin exploring our other studies. Once participants answer a series of questions in the survey, they are eligible to try some of the tools that we are currently studying and compare their results to the baseline. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Tools Study

Our tools study helps us research the effectiveness of treatment tools for bipolar and depression. Examples of tools include medicine, exercise, meditation, supplements, and aromatherapy among others. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Bipolar IN Order Study

Bipolar IN Order is an eight-week education program that has been helping people better understand their condition and the options for creating incredible results. Study participants are drawn from those who have already done the Foundation/Baseline Study, so if you are interested please share your email address at the end of the Survey and look for an email invite.

 Future Research Projects

Once we have a baseline of thousands of participants we want to see how your solution compares. Please tell us about your work and how we can help validate it with our participants.

Foundational Study Preliminary Results

Reports of Research Results

Foundational Study Preliminary Results

Over 4500 people so far have taken our foundational study. We have seen some incredible data so far and will be reporting on it soon. Please keep an eye on our blog or our facebook page for announcements.

Anonymized study data is available if you would like to
access the data for your research.

Facebook Topics Study

Our Facebook Topics study helped us to determine what the most active facebook groups were focused on.