Bipolar & Depression Outcomes Research Institute

Our Foundation/Baseline Study

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Our mission is to research what problems people are facing with bipolar & depression, what solutions they are using, and which ones are working. We accomplish all three goals by including our members in every decision we make. That is what makes the Bipolar & Depression Outcomes Research Institute truly unique.

Here is how it works:

First, we have free memberships where anyone can join and have their issues heard. And we hear a lot! The members tell us what questions to ask, what solutions to research, what outcomes matter the most, and how we should run our institute. They play a central role in everything we do and we need your thoughts on how to make it better.

Second, we have a baseline study that everyone takes to determine both their starting point and what results they have already achieved through the solutions they have already tried. Members repeat that baseline study every six months to compare it to previous measurements.

Third, members decide what new solutions to study. We work with the providers of the solutions to get free or reduced-fee access to the solution for our members. The we study how the solution works against our baseline studies of all the other solutions out there.

Pretty simple really. We tested it with over 4500 people and are looking to test at least 100,000 people in the next year. Please join us now and participate as little or as much as you like.