Terms & Conditions

Note from the creator, Tom Wootton:

Before you begin your Bipolar In Order journey, I want to thank you for your participation.

Our research has shown that when you check in daily and engage with the tools on this app, you will see improvement and gain greater awareness of how to get your Bipolar IN Order.

I want to assure you that your information shall remain private and anonymous.

I was concerned you might ask yourself, "how does that work since the website app asks for a name and email address to sign up?" An explanation is in order.

Since the app is currently running as a webpage, we needed a way to track each participant’s progress, engagements, and answers to the prompts that are designed to provide you a tailored experience to help you get your Bipolar In Order. 

The way we keep your information anonymous is as follows — when you sign in for the first time, the system creates an account for you that stores your login and identifying number. When you login from then on, the system will look up this number and match it with your password. No humans ever interact with this secure information.

Once logged in, the identifying number is passed to a completely separate database where there is no identifying information. One would have to hack into both databases and know how to match the numbers, which is not impossible, but likely far more secure than most systems online. 

Once the mobile version of the app is complete, that version will never ask for anything, nor require information to access your login, as the phone itself will store the identifying number and will not even require a user name and password. 

We thank you for participation in this beta version of our app. Your feedback will prove invaluable in improving the experience for future users. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at the contact information you will receive after signing up.


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