Your Engagement Is The Lifeblood Of Our Mission

Participate In Our Studies

Outcome studies is what we are all about. We can't do that without you participating in them. Please visit our main study as the starting place and then you can get involved in any of our other studies with a baseline to compare against.

Tell Us What To Study

Our studies are all created from the input of those who face bipolar or depression. The most important part of our mission is to get your feedback so we know what to look for. Please share your ideas.

Let Us Study Your Solution

Once we have a baseline of thousands of participants we want to see how your solution compares. Please tell us about your work and how we can help validate it with our participants.

Volunteer To Help

Everyone is a volunteer in our organization. We give our time and energy because we believe so strongly in the cause. We need your help and if you tell us what you like to do we can find some tasks that need your skills.


The only way to do studies is to recruit participants. Although we ask participants to do it for free, we still need to find them. That is where almost all of the funds go. We have some overhead for things like website hosting and software to collect the data, the rest goes to advertising the studies so we can base our research on the highest numbers of people. Please help if you can.


Members get our monthly newsletter, have opportunities to have their voice heard, get free access to our studies, free lessons, videos, tools and solutions, free live webinars, discussion forums, private facebook group, and more. Please join us by clicking on the button below.